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London Memorial Cup Mural
London Memorial Cup Mural 14 x 40 feet, 127 King Street London, Ontario

There will be 7600 commemorative souvenir postcards issued of this mural.
Each post card represents one Canadian life lost in the Netherlands during
the Second World War so that my parents and others could be saved.
I will donate all of my proceeds from every postcard sold to the
Parkwood Hospital Veterans Care Facility, the designated Memorial Cup charity for 2005.
The souvenir postcards are for sale in London.
You may contact W. Boudreau at 519 850 4767,
or email her. Wilmaboudreau@sympatico.ca
LMCupMural Helpers
thank you to Gilson Dos Santos from Jobi Construction, Nathan Jamieson, and Matt Rosol.
LMCupMural Helpers2
thank you to Ron, Josh, Nadine, Wilma and Nanette.
opening face off
1st period; artist 1 - wall 1
2nd period; artist 4 - wall 1
LMCupMural Me On Lift
thank you Kathy McLaughlin for pulling the stings that made the lift land beside the wall
Also, thank you to John White. (not pictured)
LMCupMural Wilma helper
Thank you Wilma and For You Fashions
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